3D Fire Flame Templates + 2 Wood Wraps & Ends
3D Fire Flame Templates + 2 Wood Wraps & Ends
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3D Fire Flame Templates + 2 Wood Wraps & Ends

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Have a Fireman birthday planned, pretend camp out, or just want to spark some imagination in your kids? Download & Print the 10 Fire Flame Templates to create flat or 3D flames with your children. You can let your child's artsy side shine as they color their own flames & create fake logs with our printable wood wraps. Keep your kids busy with fun, creativity, and loads of imagination!  

INCLUDED: This is a digital printable, not a hard copy. 

10 Full-Color Masks &

10 Black & White Masks



Print on cardstock for extra durability. Color & Cut your flames & wood wraps + end out. If you want a 3D fire flame you have several options in the pdf. You can use the large fire flame as a giant template or even use the flat fire flames to create an easy x shaped flame. 

Cut your wood wrap to fit around a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Glue on the wood ends to create your own firewood. 



Printer & Paper

Paper towel rolls





Hot Glue Gun

Foam, Felt, Cardboard, etc.